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Update 10/31/2022

🦨Fallontalon - now MotherEarthtoo2022; I'm working on fixing all the patient but feel free to roam around the blog using Blogger navigating ...
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<insert> 9/16/2022 

British Monarchy - RIP QUEEN ELIZABETH

    The Servant Queen (QE-II) and The King She Serves

    Wedding of Harry and Meghan

Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip were very generous!  Lack of appreciation, respect by Harry and Meghan - they were separated from the Monarchy due to Hollywood embellishments, exploiting which carries also a security risk


MY Condolences To Monarchy 

-->Insert<-- 9/10/2022 

My blog Fallontalon was blocked from public viewing so I had to copy everything on to MotherEarthToo2022

The blogpost links are not yet individually amended. Once they are, I will remove this note<--->

Happy are those who Dream Dreams and daily pay the price to make them come true. 




Charles Swindoll


"The longer I live, the more I realize the impact of attitude on life.  Attitude, to me, is more important than facts.  It is more important than the past, than education, than money, than circumstances, than failures, than successes, than what other people think, say or do.  It is more important than appearance, giftedness or skill.  It will make or break a company... a church... a home.  The remarkable thing is we have a choice every day regarding the attitude we embrace for that day.  We cannot change our past... we cannot change the fact that people will act in a certain way.  We cannot change the inevitable.  The only thing we can do is play the one string we have, and that is our attitude... I am convinced that life is 10% what happens to me and 90% how I react to it.

And so it is with you... we are in charge of our Attitudes”

    Some notes need completion, like CIA and Zeitgeist ... The video links are there to watch. 10/11/2021 


Table Of Contents

AE911 Truth

AlphaBay is DEAD thanks to Jeff Sessions, & his global collaborators

      AlphaBay was the largest crime ring in history  - over 61,000 "store fronts" on DEEP Web - thanks to Edward Snowden exposing how to access it!

     Tens of thousands of sealed indictments resulted. Jeff Sessions asked Trump for military support to carry out the largest arrest sting operation on history, to prevent civil war by paid actors, especially. 
TRUMP REFUSED! He knew damn well that plea bargains would result in disclosing Trump crimes. Additionally  TRUMP PROTECTS THE CROOKS. THAT'S BEEN HIS ONLY CONSISTENCY IN OFFICE!
America's Book Of Secrets

Antiterrorism Viewpoints

A Plane Truth

Affidavit after Motion To Open - Fraudulent Collections

America's Promise


Application For Federal Injuction 

    Storquest Fraud

April 2021

Astronomy Now

Barack Obama

🌳Barr-Durham FBI Investigation

🌳Behold A Pale Horse


Being Native 

(Link is missing right now) ***

🌳Being Native
(missing, needs to be fixed)
7/1/2022 - no it doesn't.. some hacking scumbag deleted it!

Being Native 2,html?m=1

   The Fallontalon blog was disabled - most likely by Mint Mobile, yet it may have been done by another entity to allude mint Mobile did it. For the most part,  they all have each other's  backs! #Technocracy!

Be Prepared

This one was vandalized! 

     RECREATED 4/22/2022

      Emergency Supplies List was

COMPROMISED!  Trying to fix it! 

🌳Biden Car Wreck 

Blancolirio And Friends

Blancolirio Pilot And Friends

Bob Stefanowski For Governor
   (We're grateful he hasn't given up!)

Bible, Religion

    The Servant Queen (QE-II) and The King She Serves

    Wedding of Harry and Meghan

Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip were very generous!

CEO's Who Are Stepping Down (2017)

Charles Schiavo
    I'm not keen about his letting anyone in his Facebook account  because he allows people who cyber attack and spy on us and himself; 
He boldly claims many people are corrupted, which is true. I just think he takes too many chances, for his own sake.

Checks And Balances


Chosin, The Battle Of Chosin (WW2)

Christianity and Secret Cults

Christmas Holiday Research 

Christmas With Linda Arnett
  (I unfriended her on Facebook because she continued to support Trump despite his obvious crimes. Discussing them with her made no difference) 

Inside The CIA
     This is the video

    reminder:  Hillary Clinton and John McCain planned 9/11 with their entourage of about 125 people

      Clinton Chronicles 1 and 2



Coast Guard

    *What's Going On With Shipping - youtube channel. Video notes are on this blogpost. 

     *Sal Mercogliano  And Friends 

Save Our Shipping

Prof Sal Mercogliano

@mercoglianos on TWITTER 

     PO Box 356

     Buies Creek, NC 27506 

    Send him your thanks 😁

Colin Powell

Colin Powell American Hero

     This link will change when another blogpost is created. Blogger does this sporadically, not properly titling the link. It should be formatted as 

Interview with Hon. Colin Powell - Leadership For a more perfect union: 

RIP Colin Powell 


Conrad Gayle (cousin to Hon. Colin Powell, untimely death last monthπŸ˜ͺ)

       Find him on facebook. He built his home in Jamaica. His daughter went to nursing school in Canada πŸ’œ He and his wife go to USA occasionally. That is how I met him. Zuckface has made Facebook life very unpleasant. I haven't used it in months. 

Conrad Murray

Corbett Report


Coronavirus Notes





Crafts                                             (Picture of Posh Paper Lady on YouTube)


Cut The Snake At The Head
Not done yet....please be patient πŸ™ 

Dark Outpost
   David Zublick reporting on Child Trafficking and more


    The blogpost is there, but I have reservations now. It appears to me he's  juggling information πŸ€”... I had more of an explanation here but it's gone now. WTF. 10/11/2021

His website:

Dear Dutch

     I miss watching Dutchsinse on YouTube! Over 500,000 followers yet youtube has screwed him over and over lately! 

      He is on Bitchute more often - he enjoys getting comments from his viewers, even though there are 500,000 of us😍 

    Sorry I don't have his link handy, but here is his mailing address to let him know how much you appreciate him: 

     Mike Janitch 


     PO Box 1562

     Marthasville, MD 63357 



    They stole my tablet and SD cards and personal documents at the dentist office this week - the "dentist" was probably a CIA operative! I'm also in a lot of pain from what he did! I was also overbilled because of what HE put in the system. It was corrected by someone else! 

     Just keep this in mind if info looks odd or links don't work! If I die from what this dentist did to me, you can be sure it was his fault! Terrorists run USA! 2/6/2022 


DEPT Of Education


Leftover notes - please make something of it πŸ₯° 


Dolly Parton

Don't Tread On Me 

Dump Trump


     @realDutchsinse on Twitter 

     See: Dear Dutch on this TOC 

Edward Snowden
   Stole over a million Top Secret or Highly Classified records

Emergency Supply List


ENEMIES WITHIN with Trevor Laudon
(Disregard the link info.  But the blogpost is still there. Mr. Loudon is mismanaging information. It'sobvious to me that he acts like a CIA psyop,  with a mission to socially engineer.)

I'm not Sure if these are really Sandy Hook

European Union  -
my consent required by EU

Facebook and Twitter Notes

    Facebook Comments

    Facebook Messages Update

    Facebook Messages June 2017

    Facebook Messages  November 2017

     Facebook Comments June 2017


Fallon Taylor And Friends 

Fallon Taylor  Tree 🌳

Father's  Day

February 2021 

First Aid

Food Stamps

Fraudulent Collections

Fraudulent Collections Hearing
Maybe, 2021 


Fullerton Informer
    Joe Imbrano


FYI - suggested resources. Created in 2017

 2/12/2022 - Saturday 
EOCENE X - Kamoops & Shuswap with
      Jerome Lesemann 😊

Geologist Itchy Boots
YouTube Channel:

Gematria Effect News
Zachary Hubbard is compromised now, most likely due to constant restrictions by YouTube,  which has a primary goal of proselytizing  the political paedophiles, et al! He primarily pushes sports now, and who will win based on Gematria..

     Just like the dentist that violated me this past week! He just wanted to talk sports. I said I wasn't interested in sports. I asked him what he thought of Kobe Bryant's death. He said, "Well, he's one of those people you expect to live forever. What a hero" I said I was surprised he considered him a hero and the conversation was switched to other sports. My tablet and sd cards were stolen! Apparently he grabbed what he could times he walked out of the treatment room I was in! He was probably the one who stole my sunglasses out of my purse when they hung it up on the wall - because they are all ordered to keep things off the floor (it's easier to steal when you can't see it!) 2/6/2022   

3/2/2022 followup.  I couldn't even get a copy of all my records! I gave them so many copies of my xrays and the hygenist even said she wasn't going to take xrays because they had plenty. MY INSURANCE PAID THEM FOR THE X-RAYS! She did a great job but these new behind-the-curtain-dentists  must have been telling her what to do! They had SEPARATE CONTRACTS with CIGNA despite being associated in the same office! 

I need to go to the ER - NOT YALE!  since they literally refused to finish! I sent a message to Dr. Lerman telling him this was obviously a CIA job to make him lose his business - probably to help Yale University since they were the only non-Yale dental office in that building.

(his wife is Chinese, young enough to be granddaughter, it seems!)

Geology Nick Zetner

   Also see:  WEATHER  AND GEO 

Go Wildlife

    Also see: Martin Tyner And Friends 

I'll  be back...I'm eating breakfast ....4/2/2022

I provided basic info on 

Martin and Susan Tyner                           and Martin's book,          Healer Of Angels.

Mailing Address; 

Southwest Wildlife Foundation 

PO Box 1907

Cedar City, Utah 84721-1907 

It was deleted! 

I cannot go through all of this on a regular basis-it takes so much time! They do whatever they can to harm me! Try to kill me, rape me, steal and vandalize! 

Agent William Aldenberg saved my life when a marshall illegally evicted me in 2010!  They disabled his phone recently and I don't know where he is! I have left him messages since 2008! I realize really evil people who have harmed me in my life may read this - but I take the chance that there are more good people than bad in this world! They wanted me to die that day when I was illegally evicted, and US Suprene Court violated the law by refusing to act on my emergency motion! They had no legal right to evict me! I paid my rent! I'm disabled! The landlord or the city have to move a disabled person if their rent is current and the landlord claims lapse of time! Also, the lease indicated he had to give a 60-day notice, which he violated and the case should not have been docketed! He didn't even give them a copy of the lease! I finally found a copy in my apartment - they were illegally entering all the time - even killed abandoned cats I had just rescued! Waiting for them to get picked up! They were secure and safe - even kept in cat carriers - and one kitten was obviously smothered and the other 2 cats were tasered! Half-dead because these bastards are depraved - not real police! Officer Fumiati was one of the few good ones! They assigned him to the SWAT team and he was working on a rigged mission headed by career criminal LT WHITE - who obviously got Arnold Bell to shoot Officer Fumiati in the head as they got out of an unmarked van. Bell was a two bit career criminal, heavy drinker, drug user, and won a badge of honor in the streets as if he was a sharp shooter. He had the gun prepared, knowing Officer Fumiati would be let out first! And obviously the van driver was in on it, because he would be able to see Bell holding the gun up and could have told Fumiati not to get out! The court let him get away with murder, claiming self defense! WTF They shout out police! Hands up! Maybe they sabatoged Officer Fumiati of that too! They also tried to stop his rehab, stopped his healthcare, made him go back to work severely disabled with a bullet lodged in his neck, causing his heart arythmia and he had to get a pacer placed in his chest! The fraudulent medical people said he always had a heart problem! Pacers can be remotely disabled - and they caused him to die in his sleep! 2/6/2022  

Government  Shutdown

Happy Valentines's Day, Trumps

Again, the note was altered by the depraved sociopaths that trespass on my devices! THE TRUMPS ARE PART OF ORGANIZED CRIME! 

2Mar2022 <insert> I will be unpublising that blogpost. The title alone is why. I suppose I could use it to draw people in and tell them the truth but I am not the kind who tells truth by first deceiving unless it's all in fun, kidding with someone. <end> 

Donald Trump purchased tons of laser weapons 5 months before he had Paradise, CA torched! Jake Morphonios even reported it on Blackstone Intelligence because he was tipped off and provided the purchasing documents from Pentagon. Yet Jake clammed right up after Paradise was torched. He didn't want his channel shut down for reporting the truth! Trump's bullshit about it being a campground fire was also pushed by Franklin Graham, who sent a mass mailing, "The ASHES ARE BEAUTIFUL" WTF - I sent Graham a letter back telling him how depraved he was! 

See my blogpost: REMOVE TRUMP NOW. We only had two choices for President in the rigged election - which George Soros paid for both campaigns on! Choices: bad or worse! Hillary Clinton was paid off by Soros, who held her tranny-daughter's wedding at his mansion in NYC; and Soros wrote off $250 million financing Trump Tower! They are all scumbags tied to each other: Bushes, Clintons, Obamas, Trumps! 2/6/2022

   (The mafia murdered several in their clan on Valentine's Day - then cried at their funerals #KnowTheEnemy)

I have to stop checking this TOC for false info created by crooks! I have dental pain and am very stressed out, worried about Agent Aldenburg's safety! NEW HAVEN FBI WON'T TELL ME ANYTHING! 

Agent Aldenburg was Special Agent In Charge at Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting HOAX - he reported nobody died! Obama got one of the fake parents, David Wheeler, to illegally wear all FBI gear, dressed like Agent Aldenburg, and say he WAS Agent Aldenburg - and FBI refused to arrest him! The court deleted Agent Aldenburg's lawsuit against that piece of shit! I saw it myself! FBI also included his name on a lawsuit which he never signed, on behalf of the Sandy Hook Families! Several agents' names were on it 

    Yet MEDIA ONLY REPORTED AGENT ALDENBURG Filed suit! What f*king liars! Can you imagine how hard his job was? He liked the supervisor he had back in 2008 - and I can only hope they worked together all these years. 

   Trump hired DEMOCRAT Rod Rosenstein as Deputy AG to Jeff Sessions! Rosenstein is son of Heinrich Himler! 

    Trump refused to fire Rosenstein at Jeff Session's request! Jeff Sessions joined Foreign forces to take down Alpha Bay - the largest crime ring in history! Over 61,000 accounts in the Deep Web, which was exclusive only to certain people who also had top security clearance! EDWARD SNOWDEN EXPOSED OVER A MILLION RECORDS, INCLUDING HOW TO ACCESS DEEP WEB, THROUGH TOR software! A treasonist through and through, aided and abeted by Obama and Clinton! ...I need to stop here...please call FBI New Haven and ask if Agent Aldenburg is okay! Even if he is working undercover, they should let us know! I greatly fear for his safety! They killed Colin Powell! 2/6/2022 


History Guy 

    They keep deleting the links! Scumbags! 4/2/2022 update: I fixed it; they deleted it! I will fix it again! 

Publiusroots blogpost was deleted! That was the first one I created around 2018! 

There are a few more, I think...  on Shall We Dance and Neem Tree Bark Blogposts 

Holocaust Jewish Experiences

Housing Rant I 

Blogger altered the link! To help the crooks in Housing!   2/1/2022

     This is what it was:

Housing Rant II

Housing Rant III 

Housing Rant IV 

Pending ...

I Love Horses 🐎

I Love You More Today Than Yesterday

      Someone altered this thru internet and I need to fix it! It takes a while to do so I need to set aside time to do this.

Impeach And Disbar US Supreme Court Justices

INTERNET RANT III (possible continuance) 

Internet Rant 

Internet Rant 2 

Intrepid Report

    I forgot how resourceful they are
WTF  - the note above is NOT what I entered because I stopped following this obvious CIA shill! She's a psyop! Iranian descent, a traitor to Iran! (First name is Sybil)


I Can't  Hear You!

Jared Kushner

JFK Assassination

January  2019 - with the Tree Of Life

January 2021

Jeff Dunham

Jeff Sessions

      Alphabay Takedown, Awan Brothers in IT crime, and more

    AlphaBay is DEAD thanks to Jeff Sessions, & his global collaborators

    Additional Comments On Jeff Sessions

    Jeff Sessions Is Our DOJ! 
(Actually AG, but I created this when very angry that Trump began a slanderous campaign against Jeff Sessions and people bought into it, even including name-calling and character attacts!)

Jesuit Of The New World Order

Jimmy Fallon

Joe Biden
   This link was deleted - most likely by a CIA shill! I need to fix it.

John F Kennedy

John McCain

Judicial Complaint
Subject to change since it is most current post now


Julian Assange

July 2018

July 2021 Notes


Let's Work The Land 

Let's  Work The Land

Letters And Numbers
    Zachary Hubbard - website building friendships
     Promoting Free Speech?  Lol, look at how they made this link. It works, click on it.

Lorena Bobbit Story Is FAKE


Mafia Notes

Maggot Alert

March 2021

May 2021b

MEPT Chapel Street

Mexican Immigration - and more, shared by Massachusetts Patriot .

Michael Flatley

Michael Jackson


Mike Pence

Mike Pompeo

Miles Music Mania

Mind Over Money

Mini Lectures
    Special emphasis on Truth Factory Cat
(Though seemed to be compromised by Donald Trump as Kitty progressed #FollowTheMoney)


Monica Lewinsky

Mormon Church

Motion For Default Jugment  - Fraudulent Collections

MotherEarthToo2022 NEW BLOG 

The link was hacked! 

My blogposts on Bob Stefanowski are deleted! 

This reflects an Insider to Blogger-no doubt a Pay To Play arrangement! 

This is the pasted link again:

The hacker inserted an e before r! 

(My beautiful sister, died 4/23/2018. I think she was poisoned. Her youngest son's Michael's, home was burned down. He died two weeks later of blood poisoning! Her older daughter's home in Tennessee was destroyed by 4 explosions, killing her 18 yr old daughter and my sister Kathy's husband, her father - just a few months ago! May 2021)

    First blogpage ?? 5/31/2018
National Memorial Day Concert



I'm pretty sure he has his own website, too

Navy Seals 

Nazis in USA

NeemTreeBark ***New 1/27/2022    https://neemtreebark.blogspot.com2022/01/hello.html?m=1

      Blogposts to this blog have not been added here yet. 

He had to stop due to lack of funding and most likely his work was being duplicated and YOUTUBE  allowed it!
Excellent Channel!
Summarized world news every single day!

Nietzsche and the Nazis
Entered 10/4/2021
       FYI,  source of notes:
Full Audiobook - 3hrs 
Notes From My Phones


O What A Beautiful Morning

Oliver North

Pedophile Notes
(I don't know why all my spellings of paedophile are changed to pedophile - I certainly didn'tdo this - most likely CIA - if they had no Artificial intelligence, they'dhave no intelligence at all!)

    Pedophilia And Political Crimes


   NOW MISSING! This was a transcript of his appearance before Connecticut Legislators emphasing VACCINATIONS ARE DANGEROUS 

I think this is it: 

There is No Pandemic

Pandemic Shmandemic

Patricia Davis Frederick

Patricia Davis Frederick 

Paul McCartney

          Pitstops of Information 

Each month SHOULD have 2 to 4 blogposts. I started with Publiusroots,  then created Fallontalon, then ThunderFlower, then ShallweDance, then NeemTreeBark. StrawberriesForTheSoul is Poetry πŸ“ 

Corruption by Technocrats caused me to sprout out πŸͺ΄ 

Bloom where you're planted 🌼 

Pitstop For Racers 😁

Pitstop April 2018

Pitstop April 2020

Pitstop April 2021 - missing for this TOC / There are several pitstops missing on this...hacked out. I need to fix this. Meantime, you can tap on a blogpost, then select the arrow-back on the top left corner,  and voila, scroll on the blog. 

Pitstop April 2022 

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Pitstop May 2022 

1. Thunderflower

May 2022b - they did the same damn thing this year, infecting the original blogpost so I had to create a new one. This time on a different blog. Their AI screwed up, I presume! But it can only do what it's programmed to do!

2. Publiusroots 

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    The Con Of QAnon

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    My notes are gone and I'm blocked adding more!
Use this link:

There were other pitstop blogposts for this month on my other blogs 

Pitstop September 2022 - Thunderflower 


Strawberries For The Soul πŸ“πŸ“πŸ“πŸ“

Political Concerns

Pope Benedict - why he resigned

Pray For Texas and Louisiana
   (I stopped supporting Trump Aug 2017)

Prince Phillip 🀴

Pro Hac Vice - Fraudulent Collections

Put Your Big Pants On

   Bill Cooper explained the Secret Society 0f 

The Order Of The Quest

Don't confuse this with Quest Love of The Roots! If anything, he's the antonym 😍

He just won an Emmy, too! 

Q'ANON = puke anon! They are CIA operatives!


Queen Elizabeth II ❤

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth 

The Servant Queen


@QEII - on Twitter 
Queen Elizabeth II ❤
    Source:  Time Magazine

    Lifetime Tribute 

Publiusroots blog - may still be in this blog, but access it here:

     ShallWeDance blogpost



    Owned by Fallon Taylor, her husband Alex, and their crew AND YOU make it all possible "Drink your protein, Count your blessings, and say thank you to Jesus"

Ravi Zacharias




   I'll be back ...something isn't quite right 

Remove Trump Now

Rex Tillerson

RIP Eddie Davis
  (My brother-in-Law)

Robert Davis

Robert David Steele
(CIA man)

Robert Frederick
Now missing link - I will double check later

Robert Snogres
          Update: no longer a problem:
   Wtf - the link has changed...this was just PART of what it was:

Robert Mueller

Roy Moore, Judge Roy Moore Of Alabama

πŸ‡·πŸ‡ΊRussia πŸ‡·πŸ‡Ί

Russian History blog
By Father Andrew Phillips
As regards the war against Japanese aggression, the Japanese, financed, armed and encouraged by the USA and Britain, started the Japano-Russian War. It attacked the Russian Fleet without warning in Port Arthur – a name that almost rhymes with Pearl Harbour. And, as we know, it was the Austro-Hungarians, urged on by the Kaiser who was desperate for any excuse to start a War, who triggered the First World War.

Ruth Ginsberg Had A Great Fall
     (Her name is REALLY spelled Ginsburg)

Sal Mercogliano And Friends

    Prof Sal Mercagliano

     PO Box 356

     Buies Creek, NC 27506 

    Send him your thanks 😁


    b. Save Our Shipping 🚒                With Professor  Sal Mercogliano  

    c.  What's Going On With Shipping (name of YouTube Channel) 

   (Missing Link) 

I will fix this asap 

Warpath To Peace                                     - the technocrats want to divide and conquer us; pit us against each other! Don't allow it! 😁 see

Sam Sung It

Sam Vaknin

Sandy Hook Shooting

       Sandy Hook Videos

Several or more all videos were taken down by YouTube  - to cover up the big CIA-ONE TRILLION DOLLAR+  crime!

     Sandy Hook Shooting References
      Especially - she also has a storefront to defeat costs and help pay bills for a living due to her unending devotion to PROFESSIONAL research.

Satanic Underground and Terrorism
(They go hand-in-hand)

      Satanism video notes


Scott Jacobs Studio

Scotty Kilmer

Section 8 and MTW


September 11, 2001

Sex Trafficking
    Story of VOP - Team Pulaski included
     Veterans On Patrol

New blogpost
Under construction

Shinzo Abe My Respects

Former Prime Minister Of Japan  

Shit List



Small Claims Processing and Due Process In Connecticut

Small Claim Fraud

Stop The Crime
Note, I don't know if Debra Tavaris is compromised or not, but keep your "eyes open" - here is her working link, off
Word Press. She shares some  good info! 

Her channel: 

     I just emphasize - beware of the political criminals in both parties right now. ie, Trumps,  Clintons, Bushes, Obamas for starters! 

Storquest Lawsuit

Strategic Location

Strawberries For The Soul Poetry
   Note, everywhere I spelled "paedophile, was changed to "pedophile"
Paedo - in Greek means child
Phile - means to love in Greek
THIS IS NOT EVEN A GREEK WORD; I researched entomology. It was #MadeInUSA in early 1900's! as a form of social engineering - no doubt by paedophiles themselves!)

Student Loan

Support a Nothing Bill Burger





Thunder Flower Blog 2021 🌼 

Take A Brake With Scotty 

Take Care Of Your Car
  With Scotty Kilmer


     Technocracy, NWO, and 5G technology

Terrain In Spain - New source

    Apple changed the spelling so they could steal the actual name to sell as a domain! I had to add an 'e' to terrain! 

    Antiterrorism Viewpoints 

The Bundle
Prepared by David Zublick

The Committee of 300 

     The book is useless, a CIA psyop! 

But get the list here (note, members change, yet as far as I'm concerned, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II is still leader, most influential)

There is No Pandemic

The President's Book Of Secrets

Thomas Wictor, PhD TWEETS

     More on Thomas Wictor


1.  Titanic

2.   Titanic

3.  Titanic 1912 (This blog)

4. I think there's another blogpost, too

Tony Unearths Hitlers Lost Fortress

Weather And Geo - missing! I need to work on this to figure out what to do. 


Geology Nick 

N8 Snyder 



New Blogposts 

See Table Of Contents on this list, but they all aren't there 

Transcript of Hearing Fraudulent Collections

Tranny Watch

   see 'Jared Kushner"

  Trump Accomplishments
(DO NOT BE DECEIVED! He fired the ones who made the accomplishments first 6 months!)

Trump Accomplishments according to Seth Meyers πŸ˜ƒ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜ƒ 

    First Six Months, Trump Accomplishments

  Trump Impeachment Trial

THE ----

Follow their shadows in my Pitstops!
@Truthstream  and @Truthstreamnews
Take a 17min laugh bath with @truthstreamnews
"How to Have the Best YouTube Channel Evurrr!" on You WHO Tube - 



Twitter Accounts

Ukraine On Fire


Vaccines Are Bioweapons

Vaccinations are Dangerous

Valentine's  Day

   Note, I don't know if Debra Tavaris is compromised or not, but keep your "eyes open" - here is her working link, off
Word Press

Vietnam Voices 

Vincent Foster 

Volcanic Eruptions

 It is no longer the following, which is always the most current blogpost made:

Volcano 101

    On publiusroots blog...I will give link later but you can find it if you get on the blog 

War Castles

War Is Hell 

Washington DC

We Shall Overcome 

Weather and Geo 

(Missing!!!! I'll be back) 

Ryan Hall Y'all  frames himself! He's Rand Paul's son, up to no good! CIA obviously deleted blogposts to cover his a$$ after I discretely dropped my monthly donation and blocked his channel as the only way to protect my rights! 


b. DELETED  by a hacker: on blog  - fixed 4/2/2022

      (1) I created a blogpost titled Geology Nick Zetner

       (2) Funny Coincidence! Take a look 🐒: 

I Love You More Today Than Yesterday



e.  Shall We Dance blog is missing.  I created the NeemTreeBark blog because I wanted to post some things. I keep trying to find it, while contending with drawn-out abuses of procedure on issues 

      (1) This lead to a dentist getting his jollies by telling me his name was Dr. Barker and he damaged my tooth to use as excuse for a core buildup! I created another blogpist, To Tell The Tooth. That was very dishonest, he assaulted me. My head was leaned back while the chair had me in a lying position. He strangely tried to get me to sit up, and as I think about it he was obviously trying to harm my neck, which has been severely damaged when a 20 ton truck slammed into me years ago. 

    Dr. "BARKER" stole my tablet and sd cards out of my cart. He made me use a very small treat treatment room that couldn't fit my cart. He said that was all that was avaliable.  Yet when I realized my tablet was stolen  10 minutes after leaving that office, and called them - the employee defensively said there were only two patients in the office,  myself and Someone else. I  felt like asking, then why was I told no other treatment room was available when I asked since I wanted to keep an eye out on my property? I waited for that office to return my tablet. Then I submitted complains to Cigna and Cigna told me my dental insurance was marked for cancellation! The autopay was removed and they said repayment was 2 months past due  - obviously another thing Dr. BARkER had rigged,, since they always check my insurance to make sure it is up to date! 

 Records fraud is commonplace by the ELITE NAZI terrorists who consider themselves God's gift to the human race when they plot and plan mass murders which are unsuccessful! 

Barker was obviously a CIA asset,  maybe even operative! 

Weather And Geo


b. DELETED  by a hacker: on blog  

      (1) I created a blogpost titled Geology Nick Zetner

       (2) Funny Coincidence! Take a look 🐒: Turtle Love ❤ 😍 πŸ’– ❣
I Love You More Today Than Yesterday



What's Going On With Shipping? 

YouTube channel name

    See "Coast Guard"  on this TOC 

     Prof Sal Mercagliano

     PO Box 356

     Buies Creek, NC 27506 

    Send him your thanks 😁


      Internet Rant 

     Internet Rant 2 

             INTERNET RANT 3 (possible continuance) 

    Link Needs to be modified but for now will work because it is the most recent blog. I just grabbed the wrong one. 

   My phone is being compromised again! No doubt Blogger is in on this because they required me to sign in again even though I was signed in to my Google account.  And when they did, I got a message that ANDROID 12 in Bloomfield, CT (where CIGNA HQ is) is the phone on my blogger account. I had no choice! They are such depraved psychopath Liars! 

If I didn't allow, they would probably shit down the account/blog! 

 Justice Is Really Organized Crime
My personal rant, experience
(No Administration Of The Law!)

Why Di?
Former Princess Diana - an obvious "bioweapon" by the oligarchs


YouTube Video Notes


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